“I am aware and have personal experience of working with Faberz Technologies in the capacity of any individual inventor/plastic surgeon. The staff at Faberz have been extremely professional from the start of my project. They have strictly adhered to the timelines, with a thorough execution and constant communication  feedback at all times.

In India, most of the professionals in medical technology come from academic or university backgrounds, and although their technical knowledge may be sound, they struggle when it comes to taking the final product to the end user/customer.

The real strength of Faberz comes from their collective experience of working in real world medtech companies, from the product inception to development and commercialisation. In my view, they therefore, stand out from the crowd as having the capacity to deliver real innovative solutions that fall in line with regulatory requirements, clinical applicability and commercial potential to take the medical device to market. I have been very impressed with their brainstorming techniques, systematic evaluation of all options and critical thinking.

I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Faberz to any individual or organisation for their innovative ideas and solutions.”

Craniofacial Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore, India


“”FABERZ” is led by great designers who are creative, caring and ethical. They have immense experience to fuel this venture. I have my binoculars ready to see this initiative touch  the sky. All the best.”

Prof. Lalit Kumar Das, MA(RCA), IIT Delhi, India

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